Little Musical Gifts 2022

In 2022 the IPA in Culture Committee will offer you each month a little musical gift, a live performance by a singer, band or orchestra, a piece of classical, jazz, folk or pop music, something for you to be remembered, discovered, mused on or simply enjoyed. (You may also find links to our little gifts of 2021 and our short films).

January: Leonard Bernstein conducting with his face

In 1984 when Leonard Bernstein conducted the Vienna Philharmonic in Ann Arbor using only his facial expressions and body language as they were playing the last movement of Haydn’s Symphony No. 88, Julie Jaffee Nagel was in the audience. "Experiencing him was electrifying", she remembers. "Bernstein was the music itself. He never hesitated to emote one way or another, often jumping up and down, even dancing on the podium. He inspired so many people with his talent and ability to communicate the passion in music." He can still carry us along today.