IPA Webinar: Clinical Approaches in Times of Covid-19

Friday May 29 2020

Panellists: Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp, Jay Greenberg, Ruggero Levy
Moderator: Henk Jan Dalewijk

A few months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic and, consequently, of social isolation and the transition from face-to-face to virtual clinical sessions in so many cases. Following up on our IPA Webinars in which we have discussed topics related to the current time of COVID-19, we decided to invite three IPA psychoanalysts - one from each region - to comment and talk to each other about the clinical approaches that each one has been developing, as well as their conclusions, questions and difficulties in the development of the psychoanalytic clinic in a situation as unusual as the one we are experiencing.

In this sense, we believe that, by promoting yet another webinar on clinical matters, we would provide ample space not only to learn about the experience of some members of the IPA, but also to continue researching and contributing to the necessary continuity of the debate on these urgent and unprecedented issues that the psychoanalytic clinic is facing.

Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp from Germany, Jay Greenberg from the USA, and Ruggero Levy from Brazil are invited to participate in this webinar, and the moderator will be our current treasurer, Henk Jan Dalewijk.

Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp: is a psychologist, psychoanalyst and training analyst of the German Psychoanalytical Association (DPV, IPA) former president of DPV, former member of IPA Board, member of COWAP and Chair of Migration and Refugees Committee .

Jay Greenberg: Training and Supervising Analyst, William Alanson White Institute; Editor, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly; former Editor for North America, International Journal of Psychoanalysis; former Editor, Contemporary Psychoanalysis; co-author with Stephen Mitchell, Object Relations in Psychoanalytic Theory; author, Oedipus and Beyond: A Clinical Theory; Recipient, 2015 Mary S. Sigourney Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychoanalysis.

Ruggero Levy: Psychoanalyst, Full Member and Training Analyst of the Psychoanalytic Society from Porto Alegre (SPPA), Brazil; Former President of SPPA; Chair of the IPA Working Parties Committee; Ex-IPA Board Member from 2011-2013 and from 2013-2015; Professor and Supervisor of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in the Courses of Specialization on Children, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy; author of many book chapters and scientific papers published in regional, national and international psychoanalytic reviews.

Henk Jan Dalewijk (Moderator): Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, current IPA Treasurer, and long-standing active IPA member of the Dutch Psychoanalytical Society. Particularly interested in large group dynamics.