The Work of the IPA Inter-Committee on Prejudices and Racism :
How did we get here and how to move forward.

 The Inter-Committee of Prejudices and Racism presents the work we have been engaged with over the course of our term.  Over the past year we have engaged in study on these difficult issues.  We discuss the existence of structural racism in our organizations and the efforts we have made to examine this.  We discuss the resistances we encountered in the course of our work and their relevance to addressing structural racism in our institutions.  We offer to exchange with webinar attendees IPA to think together on this challenge that we face.

Marco Posadas is a PhD Candidate at Smith College School for Social Work. He currently operates a clinical practice in Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Supervision and Consultation, and he is the current Chair of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Studies Committee of the International Psychoanalytic Association. Marco is also faculty at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, The Therapy Institute in Berkeley, and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico where he teaches supervises clinical practice with LGBTQ populations.

Dr. Carine Minne is a Psychoanalyst at the British Society and a Fellow of the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists. She is chair of the IPA Violence Committee. She trained as a forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist, bringing these specialties together in her posting as Consultant Psychiatrist at the Portman Clinic, (Tavistock & Portman NHS F Trust) and Broadmoor High Security Hospital (West London NHS Trust). She is President of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy and Joint Co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Forensic Psychotherapy. Her focus for the last 25 years has been mainly on providing psychoanalytic treatments for patients who have acted violently or are troubled by sexualised behaviours, in secure hospitals, prisons and within the community, as well as providing consultations to staff working in these settings. She has published papers and book chapters on the psychoanalytic understanding of violence and mental disorders and has books in progress. 

Paola Amendoeira is a psychologist and Psychoanalyst from International Psychoanalytic Association. She is a specialist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She is currently a Member of the IPA Subcommittee for the United Nations and Member of the InterCommittee of Prejudices and Racism. Paola works as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst for children, youth and adults.  Paola is Psychoanalyst of the Psychoanalytic Society of Brasília (SPB/Br) and docent member of the Virgínia Leone Bicudo Institute of SPB/Br. She also makes up the work team of Febrapsi's Community and Culture Board.

Paula L. Ellman, Ph.D., ABPP. is a training and supervising analyst in the Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington DC and the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.  She is Overall Chair of the IPA Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis and Chair of the IPA Intercommittee Work Group on Prejudice and Race.  She is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and is a Board Member of the North America Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC). She a Visiting Professor at the Sino-American Continuing Training Project for Wuhan Hospital for Psychotherapy, Wuhan China.   She has written and presented in the areas of unconscious fantasy, sadomasochism, female psychology, enactment and terror. Recent publications include: Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide (with N. Goodman, Routledge, 2017) and The Courage to Fight Violence against Women: Psychoanalytic and Multidisciplinary Perspectives (with N. Goodman, Karnac, 2017). She has a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in North Bethesda, Maryland.