IPA Webinar Series

PEC’s Project "Meeting of Societies on Education” – from oversight to collegial quality enhancement.

Moderator: Ines Vidal
Panellists: Angelika Staehle, Richard Fritsch, and Alfredo Ortiz Frágola.

After the oversight function was recognised as impossible and unproductive, the Psychoanalytic Education Committee developed an innovative process for implementing recommendations of the Task Force on Collegial Quality Enhancement of Training. Society leaders and candidates from three societies exchange local educational philosophies and policies. This represents an innovative means of enhancing understanding and self-reflection within and between institutes. One goal of the encounters is to exchange information about elements of training so that societies can learn from each other and reflect on their own ways of organising. A second goal is to appreciate that different training models can be employed to effectively and responsibly educate the next generation of psychoanalysts. During this webinar, the method and results of the initial pilot encounters are presented and discussed by our three panellists, Angelika Staehle, Richard Fritsch, and Alfredo Ortiz Frágola.

Angelika Staehle - Download Paper
Diplom-Psychologin, Training Analyst for Child-, Adolescent- and Adult Psychoanalysis (DPV /IPA) and for Group-Analysis (GAS/London, D3G). Member of the executive board and director of training for adult- and child analysis in the DPV for many years. Member and former chair of the Forum for child analysis EPF. Currently, chair of the psychoanalytic education committee/IPA. She works in full private psychoanalytic practice with children, adolescents, and adults, individually and in groups. 
Her publications focus on: Psychoanalytic technique, especially disturbances of symbolisation of children, adolescents and adults, integration of adult- and child analysis, group processes in institutions, psychoanalytic education. Recent publication: “The analytical field and its transformations - in children and adults” Forcum der Psychoanalyse, 35 (1), 37-52.  2019

Richard C. Fritsch, Ph.D., ABPP - Download Paper
Richard Fritsch is a Supervising and Training and Supervising Analyst and former Director of Training of the Washington-Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute. He is the Chair of the Training and Education Section of ApsaA’s Department of Psychoanalytic Education and serves on the IPA’s Psychoanalytic Education Committee and the Task Force on Remote Analysis. He is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the George Washington University School of Medicine and has a private practice of psychoanalysis and clinical psychology in Washington DC.

Alfredo Ortiz Frágola - Download Paper  
Alfredo Ortiz Frágola MD. Mg. Training and Supervising Analyst at the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association. Chair of the Master in Psychopathology and Mental Health Programme, Instituto Universitario de Salud Mental, Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association. Member of the Psychoanalytic Education Committee, IPA. He has been Chair of the Mental Health Department, Clinic Hospital, University of Buenos Aires, and Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Buenos Aires. 
His psychoanalytic research focuses on narcissism, borderline personalities, adolescence and relations between psychoanalysis and psychiatry. His last book is “Narcisismo y Psicopatología de Nuestro Tiempo”.