Psychoanalytical Research in France

 “Mental events seem immeasurable and will probably remain so forever", said Freud. Thus, until the end of his work, he remained opposed to the classic notion of research in psychoanalysis, which he found unfit to access this "immeasurable".

In this frame of reference, César Botella will present how his reflection on the scientific led him to the extension of the definition of psychoanalysis, which is no longer limited to the notion of discipline, with its method and practice defined, but conceived as an evolutionary thought. His publications in this direction since 2001 are currently confirmed by his work in the Committee for Research and Development of Psychoanalysis (CRDP), consisting of small research workshops whose discussion, during monthly plenary sessions, tends spontaneously to the development of psychoanalytic thought and constitutes a possible approach to this "immeasurable". 

Marie-France Dispaux will discuss Botella’s presentation.

César Botella is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst in private practise in Paris, and a training analyst of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society. In collaboration with Sara Botella, he presented the keynote report to the Congress of French Language Psychoanalysts in 2001 on the theme “Figurability and regredience”, and published in English, French and Spanish “La Figurabilité Psychique” 2001, reedited in 2007 at InPress (Paris), “The Work of Psychic Figurability” Brunner-Routledge (2004), as well as in Spanish “The Non-Representation”. In preparation: “Memory Without Memories”. 

Marie-France Dispaux-Ducloux is a psychologist, psychoanalyst in private practise in Belgium (Rixensart), and training analyst of the Belgian Psychoanalytical Society. She is past-president and past director of training of the society. She was also Director of the Revue Belge de Psychanalyse. She has written more than 40 papers, mainly in the Revue Belge de Psychoanalyse and in the Revue Française de psychanalyse. She presented the keynote report to the Congress of French Language Psychoanalysts in 2002 “Aux sources de l’interprétation” in collaboration with Jacqueline Godfrind, Maurice Haberet Nicole Carles dans « De quelques figures de transformation: de l’interpsychique à l’intrapsychique ». She is involved in the European Psychoanalytical Federation, in the Specificity of Psychoanalytic Treatment group and in the IPA on the Psychoanalytic Education Committee. 

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