Psychoanalysis and Art

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On Pain and Humour
Author: Desy Safán-Gerard, PhD, UCLA Psychology Department: Training Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of California, PCC
Title: On Pain and Humour
Aim of research: Sharing the results of Creative Work
Description: Collages onto paper or pieces of other works on paper, mixed with irregular black pencil markings and in-between color dabs, in a dance of organized chaos.
Conference: Virtual
On Pain and Humour: This painting/poster is part of a series I have called Covid-19, dedicated to the many performing artists who had been unable to engage in their special art form during our Covid shut down.  I am still able to engage in artistic work, despite my psychoanalytic practice and my ongoing writings about the creative process. These include a rather recent paper on” The Use of Chaos in Creative Work " and an earlier, more substantial one, a book titled “Chaos and Control” (Routldge, London, 2018), I have been able to do what I have advised artists to do: USE the conflicts and chaotic feelings that emerge from their unconscious as well as their responses to the chaotic political events we are all facing.


Dreaming Africa
Calligraphy: Jonathan Palmer, Newton, MA  [email protected]
Music: Mannenberg Revisited by Abdullah Ibrahim from A Celebration (2005)
Video: John Borchard
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Transformations of Solace and Light
Jonathan Palmer, Newton, MA,  [email protected]
Accompanied by J. S. Bach, Goldberg Variations BWV 988: Aria Ton Noopman / Yo Yo Ma
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Covid-19 Collage Series
by Desy Safán-Gerard
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Cosimo Schinaia
Some Reflections on Psychoanalysis and Architecture
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On Painting Music – A Translation
By Desy Safán-Gerard
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Panel: Creative Women—Feminine Creativity 
Presented at the IPA Congress on The Feminine in London, July 24 – 27, 2019
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Gabriela Goldstein (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
A Journey through the feminine: Art and Psychoanalysis in the Work of Nicola Constantino
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Paola Golinelli (Bologna, Italy) On Juliet Stevenson
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Barbara Stimmel (New York, USA) On Cindy Sherman
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