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Will Psychoanalysis Be Relevant to the TikTok Generation?

10th September
"When it comes to psychoanalysis, in particular, the digital age's multitasking way of life can actually prepare people to engage in an analytic process. This is because what is most unique about psychoanalysis as a clinical method is its reliance on free association". By Bradley Murray  


Psychoanalysis of capitalism

9th June
There are glaring similarities between the general functioning of capitalism and a particular psychological problem. Is capitalism suited to the psyche, or vice versa? In our latest blog post, David Monnier proposes that to understand capitalism, we must first understand those that implement it. By David Monnier


Our sheltered space at risk - our sheltered space a risk?

21st April
Even in these times of massive impact of external reality on everyday life, our interest and desire to understand unconscious relations within a trusting, discretion-based psychotherapeutic dyad remains applicable. It is a special challenge to treat our patients with patience, level-headed attentiveness and readiness to accept when framework conditions and rituals change unavoidably, and when analysts and patients alike experience unforeseen uncertainties. By Lisa Werthmann-Resch.


Spare a Thought

6th April 
by Maurice Whelan
We can spare a thought if we make space in our mind.


A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down

23rd March 
by Dr.Jonathan Sklar, British Psychoanalytical Society 
All of Society does not fall apart at once. We are mainly used to being on the comfortable side of the equation rather than the other side.


The Australian Bushfires: Listening with Freud

29th January 
by Maurice Whelan, Australian Psychoanalytical Society


Neville Symington

9th January
by Maurice Whelan, Australian Psychoanalytical Society


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Psychoanalysis and Participatory Democracy

12th August 2020
Marking 10 years of Psychoanalysis and Politics, an international and interdisciplinary conference series that aims to address how crucial contemporary political phenomena may be fruitfully analysed through psychoanalytic theory and vice-versa, Lene Auestad discusses the value of such spaces for joint reflection and exploration.