Second IPA Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Monday 7 March 2022

We, the officers of the IPA, are returning to you one week later to further emphasize the IPA position on the war in Ukraine and the daily terror, loss of life and family disconnection that has resulted from the Russian invasion.  
The destructive Russian attack on Ukraine opposes all human values. It must stop. It glorifies violence and pretends to justify death. It reflects the worst of mankind. The IPA calls for the cessation of warfare and a mediated solution between all sides.   
We are stitched together in an interconnected world of relationships for which we are all responsible. Ethics demand that we see ourselves in the other and reach out to embrace, not to kill. War is immoral. Faced with the monstrous legacy of war, the light of humanity dims.   
The IPA asks all health and mental health organizations worldwide to join in vocally demanding the cessation of hostilities in the Ukraine and the affirmation of core human values.  
Harriet Wolfe, President
Adriana Prengler, Vice President
Henk Jan Dalewijk, Treasurer