Ukraine Crisis Emergency Fund

To extend support and solidarity to our colleagues and all those caught up in and affected by the terrible conflict in Ukraine, we are inviting donations to our special Ukraine Emergency Fund. 

$ Donate

Anonymous donations are possible by contacting IPA Accounts
The IPA has committed $100,000 of its reserves and is inviting additional donations for:

  • EPF Ukraine Crisis Initiatives
  • Direct support for members and candidates affected by the war
  • General funding to humanitarian organisations
  • Direct requests made to the IPA


Are you able to help with free counselling sessions or other resources? Let us know by filling in our survey.

The International Psychoanalytical Association Fund is registered in the United States of America as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation with tax identification number 04-3392655.  Donations may be tax-deductible for US members to the extent permitted by law.  The International Psychoanalytical Association is a charity registered in England and Wales (Charity No. 1071752).  The International Psychoanalytical Association follows a Code of Fundraising Practice.  Please contact us if you require more information.