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Nuevas configuraciones en la mente del analista


by Eduardo Gastelumendi 


Why Travel?

06 October

by Shohreh Farahani

Nosotros después del coronavirus

21 September

by Teresita Ana Milán

Rapunzel, Imprisoned in Corona Quarantine
10 August
by Shahla Alizadeh

Un hecho histórico: La interconexión y la creación de redes como fuerza ligadora de vida en medio del marasmo de la crisis del Covid-19
by Martina Burdet

La revista Psicoanálisis no.25 (SPP)
21 July
PARTE 1 Coronavirus: ¿Una realidad que supera a la ficción?

The Age of Coronavirus – Death, Destruction and Nourishment Loss and mourning in times of COVID-19
9 July
by Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau

The Age of Coronavirus – Death, Destruction and Nourishment
2 July
by Shreya Varma

  Social closeness at a time of social distancing. The 'case' of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society in time of COVID-1
1 July
by Mira Erlich-Ginor

Covid 19. Trabajando a distancia semana a semana
25 June
by Silvia Neborak


La cuarentena y el pan nuestro de cada día
25 June
by Carlos Barredo


Once Again, “The Serpent's Egg”?
24 June
by Claudio Laks Eizirik

Sars-CoV-2 “Phase Two” in Psychoanalysis
11 June
by Sergio Anastasia and Pietro Roberto Goisis 

Remote sessions : « Living on credit »The problem of quantity …| Téléconsultation : « vivre sur ses acquis... »  
10 June
by Piotr Krzakowski 

We Were The Future
1 June
by Dr. Hilit Brodsky

Psychoanalytical backstage and the maternal factor of the session (English) (French )
26 May
by Piotr Krzakowski 

Coronavirus as a Foreigner   
26 May
by Arash Hessam and Samaneh Ghafouri 

Back to the Future  
26 May
by Cosimo Schinaia

En búsqueda del espacio perdido  
19 May
by Fernando Orduz

The uncanny ride in the Corona train  (Haaretz)
3 May
by Merav Roth

Transference in the Time of Corona   
3 May
by Merav Roth

The uncanny ride in the Corona train  (Haaretz)
3 May
by Merav Roth

Psychoanalysis in the times of Covid-19 A personal ramble
30th April

by Mounir Samy, MD 

 Tele analysis from immigration to quarantine Shima Mohseni Sheini M.D  
30th April
by Shima Mohseni Sheini M.D

Jokes, Covid-19 and Unconscious
30th April

by Rasoul Ghoorkhanechi & Dr Zahra Ghanbari

The Post-Corona Age  
30th April

by Ehsan Goli PhD, Mohammad Fathi PhD 

Como sostener la incertidumbre. Lecciones desde la práctica de la psicoterapia
30th April

by Juan Pablo Jiménez

Praise of Flexibility and Rigour in the Age of Coronavirus 
28th April

by Cosimo Schinaia

The Unity of Love  
22nd April

by Dr Shermin Roubenzadeh and Dr Hoora Motie 

W(a/o)ndering with the Virus 
22nd April

by Ananya Kushwaha

Psychoanalyst during the Covid, an inessential profession?
22nd April

by Piotr Krzakowski

Corona-Time Notes: The Virus of Horror
22nd April

by Yossi Triest

The Other as a ThreatIl pericolo dell’altro
14th April

by Mariano Horenstein

Covid on the Couch?Covid sur le divan?
14th April

by Piotr Krzakowski - SPP-French Society

The Coronavirus Crisis. Psychoanalysis and Anthropology in Dialogue
9 April

Interview with Fabio Dei by Alfredo Lombardozzi Dr Alfredo Lombardozzi, full member of the Italian Psychoalytical Society (SPI) and International Psychoanalitycal Association (IPA) Prof. Fabio Dei, professor of Cultural Anthropology at Pisa University, Italy

Words that touch 
8 April

by Cosimo Schinaia

En tiempos de Virtualidad Observaciones y Reflexiones desde la Clínica 
7 April

by Teresita Ana Milán

Transference in the time of Corona 
7 April

by Merav Roth

# I'm Not A Virus
6 April

by Taraneh Kouhestani, member of Freudian Group of Tehran/Iran

El Peligro del Otro 
6 April

by Mariano Horenstein

The encounter with the real – SARS-CoV-2 is not a »Big Leveller« 
31 March

by Steffen Elsner
Whose Trauma Is It? A Fresh Look at an Elusive Concept
31 March

by H. Shmuel Erlich
Panic and Pandemics : from fear of contagion to contagion of fear
30 March 

by Mario Perini
Coronavirus: A threat to mental integrity.
26 March
by Ehsan Goli, PhD Member of Freudian group of Tehran/Iran
A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down 
26 March

by Dr. Jonathan Sklar

你永远不会独行  A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down 
26 March
Chinese Translator: Mrs. Cao Jieyi Check and Proof: Dr. Wang Qian

Psychoanalysis in the time of Covid-19 
24 March
by Steven Jaron, IPA Candidate via the Psychoanalytic Society for Research and Training
Psychoanalysis in the age of Coronovirus 
8 March

by Cosimo Schinaia
Coronovirus: a Sphinx of modern times 
27 February
by Anna Ferruta Translated by Sonia de Cristofaro (Centro Milanese di Psicoanalisi)
Productions of Social Solidarity and of Social Compulsion 
17 February
Janine Puget, Argentina
Belonging and Ethics 
17 February

Janine Puget, Argentina
The Subjectivity Of Certainty and  The Subjectivity Of Uncertainty 
17 February
Janine Puget, Argentina

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