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I Can See It With My Elephant Eye (written by Paola Somaini, IPA member living in the UK) 
2 December

This book, (age range 4-12 years) is a light and colourful story with a psychological angle that addresses children’s fears and worries and also finds an appropriate way to talk about death and the pandemic.  It is is available in three languages, English, Italian (Carolina e l’Occhio dell’Elefante) and in Spanish (Mi Ojo de Elefante).  The book can be purchased as Ebook and Paperback on Amazon and as Hardback on Lulu Publishing.  The full proceeds of the sale of the book will go to charities who offer emotional and educational support to children in school (a UK charity for the English book, place2be (, an Italian charity for the Italian book, Associazione Mercurio (  and a Spanish charity for the Spanish edition, Fundación las Claves de la Felicidad (  


A free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler
29 April

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¿El mundo está cerrado? Reflexiones sobre el efecto de la pandemia y el aislamiento en niños con dificultades en su subjetividad por Dra. Claudia Bregazzi (in Spanish)
22 April 

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Yale Child Study Family Resources and Suggestions for Coping with Coronavirus 

2 April 

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My Pandemic Story. A Guided Activity Workbook for the World’s Children, Families, Teachers and Caregivers
30 March
Gilbert Kliman, M.D., Edward Oklan, M.D., Harriet Wolfe, M.D. The Children’s Psychological Health Center  Download PDF   Also available in German  | Portuguese

Guía para hablar sobre el Coronavirus con los más pequeños (in Spanish)
23 March
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Families and Couples in days of Corona
19 March
Text prepared by COFAP, the International Psychoanalytic Association Committee on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, March 2020 
Available in : English Español  | Italiano  | Russian  | Hebrew  | Portuguese

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lo que madres, padres y educadores deben saber: cómo proteger a hijas, hijos y alumnos (in Spanish)
15 March 
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Advice for Parents of Young Children During the Epidemic 
27 February

Written by Joy D. Osofsky, PhD & Harold J. Osofsky. M.D., Ph.D. Terrorism and Disaster Coalition for Child and Family Resilience, Tulane University Medical School. Translated by Dihao Zhou, Yale University. Distributed by Elise Snyder, M.D., President, CAPA

帮助孩子度过疫情:免费下载《我的抗疫经历》 家长和老师指导下的儿童青少年心理手册
17 February

为帮助家长、老师、照看者们预防和降低儿童由于疫情引起的不良反应,由美国儿童心理健康中心的Gilbert Kliman和中美精神分析联盟(CAPA)的创办人、主席Elise Snyder合作,CAPA毕业生和学员们根据中国国情修订的《我的抗疫经历》儿童青少年心理手册的中、英文两个版本,现在免费提供予有需要人士下载作为个人使用(下载信息请见文末)。Download PDF

Helping Children During the Epidemic: Free Download of ‘My Epidemic Story’
17 February

In order for parents, teachers and caretakers to help prevent and reduce children’s maladaptive responses to the current epidemic, Dr Gilbert Kliman of The Children’s Psychological Health Center in San Francisco and Dr Elise Snyder of China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA) collaborated with Anne Kuniyuki Oklan, Edward Oklan y Harriet Wolfe to produce ‘My Epidemic Story’ with the help of CAPA graduates and students who adapted the workbook for Chinese children. Download PDF
Copyright of ‘My Epidemic Story’ belongs to The Children’s Psychological Health Center. Licenses for mass copying are available to governments and nonprofits. Please click:

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