Off the Couch we meet psychoanalysts who work in dialysis units, prenatal clinics, corporate board rooms, community centres, humanitarian organisations, and with vineyard workers just to name a few. We hope these conversations expand our awareness of how broadly psychoanalytic thinking extends into our communities. 

Off the Couch
 is produced and hosted by Harvey Schwartz MD, Chair of the IPA in Health Committee, and Steven S. Rolfe MD.
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Can Psychoanalysis be Identical Everywhere? with Jorge Bruce (Lima)

We begin with a description of ‘Psicoanalisis Criollo – hybrid psychoanalysis,’ “psychoanalysis by and for Latin Americans.” We discuss the ways that the analyst’s awareness of cultural factors impacts the clinical approach to deepening the patient’s self-awareness. Jorge presents vignettes where the appearance of socially defined similarities and differences were important elements to address in the treatment. He highlights the delicacy of our culturally colored countertransferences. He shares with us details about his 28-year weekly newspaper column as well as his 330,000 Twitter followers (@jotabruce). We close with his recounting his early history and its contribution to his current interests.

Our Guest: Jorge Bruce, Licensed in Humanities and Psychology by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. DEA (Master’s degree) by the University of Paris. Member of the Peruvian Society of Psychoanalysis – SPP. Author of several books – the most recent was the new edition of Nos Habíamos Choleado Tanto: Psicoanálisis y Racismo, (2019). Weekly columnist of the national newspaper La República. Former member of the IPA Board (2 periods). Former member of the IPA Executive Committee. Former chair of CAPSA. Former chair of the scientific committee for the IPA Congress on The Infantile. Currant chair of the liaison committee of a Mexican provisional society (ING). Jorge Bruce will be a Keynote Speaker at the July 2023 IPA Meetings in Cartagena. Further details at www.ipa.world/cartagena

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23 January 2023