IPA Podcast Geographies of Psychoanalysis

More and more, psychoanalysis has to reckon with cultures different from that belonging to its foundations and initial diffusion; alongside the problems posed by the transformations of the contemporary world. The intent of Geographies of Psychoanalysis is to draw a map of the psyche that takes into account the interconnections and differences that occur in a now globalised reality. The focus of this first cycle is the problematic theme of death in different cultures and religions, and the ways of dealing with it in the event of the pandemic. 

This podcast series is conceived by Lorena Preta and the Geographies of Psychoanalysis Group.

The podcast archive can be found on the Podbean platform: https://geographiesofpsychoanalysis.podbean.com

Editing by Massimiliano Guerrieri.

Episode 4
Mariano Horenstein: Worse Than Death

Summary: Latin America’s particular relation with death implies something even worse: the practice of disappearing people in connection with State terrorism. The disappearance of rituals, which has reached an unprecedented extent, further exacerbated in times of pandemic, only increases contemporary anxiety. In this context, the analyst’s role is to function less as archaeologists—as Freud imagined—than as forensic anthropologists.

6 May 2021