Geographies of Psychoanalysis

The project works to promote the study and research related to the development and "contamination" of psychoanalysis which is living and evolving outside the current boundaries of where it is dispersed. 

 The debate around this issue takes place both in meetings of the groups and in international conferences.

Psychoanalysis currently finds itself in a crucial moment that is  apparently contradictory: on the one hand it has to ever increasingly engage with pharmacological therapies and with psychological techniques that are significantly different from itself, on the other, it is expanding in countries very distant from the historical psychoanalytical culture. Asia and the Muslim countries now consider it to be very important from both cultural and therapeutic points of view. It is no longer a question of dialogue with other disciplines, but one of establishing a comparison between different anthropological positions. We have to understand whether psychoanalytical concepts are universal and if its therapeutic methodology is effective in different countries worldwide. READ MORE