German-Chinese translation of the Freud Lectures

We are glad to announce a new and unique publication: a German-Chinese translation of Sigmund Freud's (1917) Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis and his New Introductory Lectures On Psycho-Analysis (1933), which was produced in cooperation between German-speaking psychoanalysts, sinologists and Chinese native speakers as translators. 

This translation is the result of the Freud Chinese Translation Project (FCTP) at the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt (Germany), led by Tomas Plaenkers. The online version offers the possibility of a monolingual (Chinese) and bilingual (German-Chinese) presentation, which can be used by its readers according to their needs (and perhaps later adding a trilingual - German-English-Chinese - presentation). You can read the text online and/or download it. Nevertheless, any form of reprinting is prohibited.

All details of FCTP’s work and history, of project members and financing as well as details of the publication and problems of translating Freud’s German text into Chinese are discussed in a comprehensive preface by Tomas Plaenkers. Before publishing the Chinese translation in book form FCTP wants to take advantage of the benefits of an online publication which would further enable readers to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the translation, if necessary. This also applies to the glossary with the Chinese translation of psychoanalytic terms ( 

FCTP kindly asks for comments to [email protected], indicating the relevant text passage or term in the glossary. 

Frankfurt, May 2022,
Tomas Plaenkers, Project leader

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如今这版译文脱胎于法兰克福(德国)西格蒙德·弗洛伊德研究院的弗洛伊德汉译项目(Freud Chinese Translation Project,简称FCTP),由托马斯·普兰克斯(Tomas Plaenkers)担任项目领导。线上版本提供了单语(汉语)和双语(德语-汉语)展示的可能性,读者可根据需求选择使用(以后或许还将增加三语版本,即德语-英语-汉语)。您可以在线阅读,也可以下载后阅读文本。但禁止任何形式的转载复印。


FCTP诚挚地邀请您将评论发送至[email protected],来信请注明相关文本段落或词汇表中对应的术语词条。