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Recife Psychoanalytic Society

Rua Belarmino Carneiro 249
Recife 50710 340 PE
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 55 81 3228 1756
Fax: 55 81 3228 1756

The Psychoanalytic Study Group of Recife (GEPR) was officially recognised by the IPA as a Component Organisation in July 1988.

The GEPR has a long history, opening in April 1975 with the creation of the Psychoanalytic Center of Recife, created by the Brazilian Association of Psychoanalysis, under the responsibility of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro and the Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro, which together constituted a educational sub-committee to organize the formation of a group of candidates in Recife.

The purpose of GEPR was to start the study of psychoanalysis in northeastern Brazil. Recife was chosen because of its geopolitical position and the fact of having two analysts living and working there at the time of formation.

For further information please visit the Group's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Alírio Torres DantasPresidentMember1/1/2019101850
Dra. Maria de Fátima Barros Calife BatistaSecretaryMember1/1/2019109884
Dra. Magda Souza PassosTreasurerMember1/1/2019140742
Dra. Maria Arleide da SilvaDirector of Training InstituteMember1/1/2019109883
Dr. José Fernando de Santana BarrosChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember1/1/2019100509
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Psic. Maria da Conceição Aciole Paixão  Portuguese,Spanish142118
Dr. Eduardo Afonso Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish100074
Dra. Eldione Amorim de MoraesChild Analyst Portuguese,Spanish105599
Sra. Tereza Mônica Barreto Bastos  Portuguese,Spanish152149
Dra. Maria de Fátima Barros Calife Batista Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish109884
Lic. Haydée Bibas de Tawil  Spanish140789
Dra. Dinorá Borges Rodrigues MaricevichChild Analyst Portuguese,Spanish141730
Sra. Eveline Braga Nogueira  Portuguese,Spanish152109
Univ. Prof. Renato Campos Pordeus  Portugese158249
Dr. (Mrs.) Regina Célia Cardoso Esteves  Portuguese,Spanish152143
Dra. med. Sônia Maria Carneiro de Mesquita Lôbo Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish104918
Dr. Austregésilo Castro Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish101412
Dra. Solange Cavalcanti FurtadoChild Analyst Portuguese,Spanish141010
Psic. Carolina Cavalcanti Henriques Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish144887
Dra. Maria Arleide da Silva Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish109883
Dr. Salatiel da Silva  Portuguese,Spanish141733
Dr. Carlos de Almeida Vieira  Portuguese,Spanish108441
Dr. Humberto Vicente de Araújo  Portuguese,Spanish109881
Sra. Maria dos Prazeres de Azevedo Albuquerque  Portuguese,Spanish152113
Sra. Silvana Maria de Barros Santos  Portuguese,Spanish152102