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Belgian Psychoanalytic Society Training Institute

rue Emile Claus 49
Brussels 1050
Email: [email protected]

It was in 1896 that Sigmund Freud first used the concept "psychoanalysis". This discipline has changed the study of the psyche and the treatment of its disorders. Psychoanalyis had a cultural and social impact around the world.

Aware of its responsibilities to psychoanalysis and the public, the Belgian society of psychoanalysis presents in a succinct form the basic principles of the psychoanalytic approach and its routes of transmission.

"Psychoanalysis is the name of a method of investigation of mental process that is virtually inaccessible otherwise, a method based on the investigation for the treatment of neurotic disorders, in a series of psychological concepts acquired by this set average and which grow to form a new scientific discipline" (Sigmund Freud).

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Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Rébecca GabaiIPSO RepresentativeIPA Candidate3/31/2023168235
Virginie MonmartIPSO RepresentativeIPA Candidate3/31/2023171634