Society Contact Information

Mato Grosso do Sul Psychoanalytical Society

Rua 25 de Dezembro, Nº 2194,
Bairro Monte Castelo
Campo Grande MS
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (55)(67) 3325-7770
Fax: 55 67 325 7770

The Mato Grosso do Sul Psychoanalytical Society (SPMS) currently has 29 members. The psychoanalytic movement in Mato Grosso do Sul began in the 1970s with the arrival of Doctor Maria Teodorowic to Campo Grande, who as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of SPRJ, spread psychoanalytic thinking in medicine and psychology courses at local universities.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Prof. Dra. Ednéia Albino Nunes Cerchiari Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish141904
Psic. Terezinha Alcântara Silva Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish144298
Débora Alexandre de Jesus  Portuguese,Spanish147343
Wayna Fátima Ayala do Nascimiento  Spanish,Portugese158303
Dr. Paulo Márcio Bacha Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish109594
Psic. Sandra Lúcia Barasaglini Rezende  Portuguese,Spanish141905
Maristela Bittencourt Nogueira  Portugese168720
Psic. Míriam Catia Bonini Codorniz Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish109268
Deise Cabral Comparin  Spanish,Portugese158298
Univ. Prof. Dr. Maria de Fátima Chavarelli Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish142786
Psic. Gleda Brandão Coelho Martins de Araújo Training AnalystEnglish,Portuguese,Spanish109264
Cristiane Aparecida Cruz Souza  Portuguese,Spanish147359
Sra. Liamar da Silva Terra  Portuguese,Spanish148560
Sra. Mônica de Almeida Roca  Portuguese,Spanish148558
Paula Francisca de Andrade Mittelstaedt  Portuguese,Spanish147393
Psic. Maria Auxiliadora de Souza Marques Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish109271
Sra. Alessandra Devicari  Portuguese,Spanish148555
Psic. Joelma Dibo Victoriano Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish141923
Ana Cristina dos Santos Coll  Portugese168729
Denise Fernandes Vasconcelos  English,Portugese165450