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In1911 Sigmund Freud and several members of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society decided to give courses and public lectures on psychoanalysis for clinicians and non-clinicians.

Following Word War I and the International Psychoanalytic Congress in Budapest in 1918 the International Psychoanalytic Association initiated a proposal for every candidate to undergo an ("instructional“) "training-analysis“ as part of their psychoanalytic training . This was the first step towards regulation of training.

The first psychoanalytic training institute was founded in 1920 in Berlin in close cooperation with the outpatient clinic Berlin, Max Eitingon introduced already then a number of important principles of psychoanalytic training, so that three models: training analysis, theoretical seminars and supervised cases ("control-cases“) became the basis of the Eitingon-Model of training. In 1924 a psychoanalytic training institute in Vienna following this model was established, which worked also in close connection with the Vienna Outpatient Clinic (Ambulatorium). Helene Deutsch, Jeanne Lampl-de-Groot, Karen Horney, Siegfried Bernfeld, Hermine Hug-Hellmuth, Eduard Hitschmann, Felix Deutsch, Robert Jokl, Nunberg, Theodor Reik, Isidor Sadger and Wilhelm Reich were the first analysts to give theoretical seminars and to analyse and supervise candidates.

From 1924 until 1938 the Institute of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society thrived under the chair of Helene Deutsch and Anna Freud from 1933. Candidates from many different countries, also from abroad, came to start their psychoanalytic training in Vienna.

In March1938 the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society and all its institutions were liquidated by the national socialist government. 66 members, except August Aichhorn und Alfred Winterstein were forced to emigrate.

  On 10th of April 1946 the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society was reopened and continued its training with very few candidates. Only at the end of the 1960s, probably in consequence to the 1968 student movement the interest in psychoanalysis grew and the number of candidates increased, especially the first IPA Congress in Vienna after the Nazi-Regime held in 1971 brought a number of interested candidates to start their training.

Since 1973 seminars in theoy and technique of child-analysis were given and a training in child analysis was installed in 1983 and accepted by the IPA in 1997, after the „Requirements for Training in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis“ was formulated by COCAP.

The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society has at the moment 129 Members, 24 Training- and Supervising analysts, 24 Child-Analysts and 98 Candidates,

Vienna, 30th of September 2016

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