Society Contact Information

Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Minas Gerais

Rua Ceará 1431 sala 401, 404 e 406
Belo Horizonte 30.150-313 MG
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 31 3224 5405

The Psychoanalytic Study Group of Minas Gerais is affiliated with the Brazilian Federation of Psychoanalysis (FEBRAPSI) and is a component of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) , being the only institution in Minas Gerais to offer psychoanalytic training standards required by the IPA.

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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Mrs. Sandra Bulhões Cecílio  Spanish157098
Daniela de Castro Brito Landim Pinheiro  Spanish,Portugese161439
Flávio Jorge Cecílio Pimentel  Spanish,Portugese161440
Luciana Maria de Carvalho Barbosa  Spanish,Portugese161441
Psic. Gisele de Mattos Brito Training AnalystEnglish,Portuguese139843
Psic. Maria Cristina Dias  Spanish,Portugese157095
Psic. Isa Vicentina Ferreira Gomes  Portugese157093
Psic. Patrícia Gomes Figueira  Spanish,Portugese157096
Maria Goretti Machado  Spanish,Portugese161443
Dr. Sérgio Kehdy Training AnalystEnglish,Portuguese,Spanish104143
Paula Linhares de Andrade  Spanish158120
Raquel Lopes Rios  Portugese,Spanish163889
Psic. Marília Macedo Botinha Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish141901
Maria Cristina Mazoni Silva Martins  Spanish,Portugese161442
Psic. Flávia Mello Soares  English,Portugese157092
Alane Michelini Moura  Spanish156747
Rossana Nicoliello Pinho  Spanish,Portugese157097
Psic. Tânia Oliveira de Almeida Grassano  Spanish,Portugese157099
Psic. Thereza Cristina Paione Rezende Training AnalystPortuguese,Spanish146675
Psic. Edna Pires Guerra Torres Training AnalystEnglish,Portuguese,Spanish142789