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Dutch Psychoanalytical Society

Nederlandse Psychoanalytische Vereniging
Amsterdam 1076 AB
Email: [email protected]
Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Mrs. Hansa T.M van RamshorstPresidentMember6/1/2020153508
Astrid BakkerSecretaryMember6/17/2023157634
Dr. (Mrs.) Christina HartgersDirector of Training InstituteMember6/17/2023147379
Dr. Frans W. SchalkwijkDirector of EthicsMember6/1/2018139913
Dipl. Psych. Jet JacobsOfficerIPA Candidate11/13/2023169005
Mr. Michel Van VeenChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember11/18/2023157400
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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M.A. Anbeek  English,Dutch110070
Astrid Bakker  German157634
Dr. Anna Bentinck van Schoonheten  English,German,French,Dutch100666
Mrs. Babette M.A, Bijlsma  Dutch,English157637
Mr. H.J. (Rick) Blom  English,Dutch154875
B. P. P. Boeke  English,Dutch145886
Dr. Gertie F. Bögels  English,German,Dutch100892
Mr. Roger Borath  German157394
Mr. Edwin Bouman Training AnalystDutch159046
Mrs. Leontine W. Brameijer  English,Dutch153497
Mrs. S. Buma  English,Dutch154329
Mrs. Lidwien Cornelissens  English,Dutch145493
Mrs. M. de Craen  Dutch171847
E.W.P.M. Daenen  English157690
Dr. Henk Jan Dalewijk  English,German,Dutch101825
Saskia De Maat  English,German,Dutch155898
Henk G.J. de Meij  English,Dutch105350
Mr. F.J.E. De Volder  English,Dutch153515
Mrs. Annemarie de Wit  English,Dutch110127
Dr. M.H.M. de Wolf  English,Dutch108757