Society Contact Information

Taiwan Center for The Development of Psychoanalysis

309 Songde Road
Sinyi District
Taipei 110
Email: [email protected]

The long-term goal of the Psychoanalytic Society, is designed to help analysts develop training in Taiwan.

Clinical professional talent is welcome from different fields to participate in the evolution of psychoanalysis, ranging from Humanist Studies to teaching.

For further information please visit the Organisation's own website shown above.

Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
Dr. Kuan-Yu Chen  English,Mandarin155116
Ms. Hsueh-Mei Fan  Mandarin165706
Chia-Fang Hsieh  English,Mandarin159399
Dr. Tsung-Wei Hsu  English147166
Liling Lin  English162833
Prof. Yu-hua Clare Lin  English,Mandarin147139
Dr. Teresa Mei-Jang Pai  English147168
Mr. Ming-Min Yang  French147192