Society Contact Information

Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies of Latin America - FEPAL

Luis B. Cavia 2640 Apto. 603
Montevideo 11300
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 59 82 707 73 42
Fax: 59 82 707 50 26

FEPAL stands for the Latin American Psychoanalytic Federation. It is a non-profit organisation that brings together all Latin American psychoanalytic institutions recognised by the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) within the framework of its statutes.

In continuing the work done until the year 1979 by COPAL (Coordinating Council of Psychoanalytic Organizations of Latin America), FEPAL's aims are:

1. Encourage the growth of member organizations and the development of the psychoanalytic movement in Latin America within the rules and purposes of the International Psychoanalytic Association and without interference in the autonomy of member organizations of the Federation.

2. Representing the common interests of member organizations of the Federation and its members before the International Association.

3. To create a forum for scientific exchange through publications, conferences, meetings between members and other activities.

4. Shaping Educational Exchanges between member organizations, dissemination of curricula and training bases of their respective educational institutions.

5. Encouraging the spread of psychoanalysis in Latin America.

6. Develop and provide advice of the psychoanalytic movement in places where no member organisation.

For further information please visit the Federation's own website shown above.