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Chilean Psychoanalytic Association

Av. Apoquindo 6.410 Dpto. 203
Las Condes
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 56 2 9523425 - 9523427

The Chilean Psychoanalytic Association is a Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Society (IPA). Applicants may apply for admission to the Association if they hold the title of Medical Doctor or Psychologist, valid in Chile.

Those interested in entering the Association as students must submit an application for admission to the Director of the Institute enclosing a curriculum and certificate of university. Please provide references. The Institute Director will forward the application to the Selection of Training Analysts for study.

Applications for admission will be received at any time of year except the months of January and February.

For further information please visit the Association's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Pablo SantanderPresidentMember5/20/2020150456
Dr. Ramón U. FlorenzanoVice-PresidentMember5/20/2020102573
Juan Dittborn ChadwickSecretaryMember5/20/2020163808
Javier RavinetTreasurerMember5/20/2020161403
Sra. Nicole RopertChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember5/20/2020150455
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Dr. Juan Carlos Almonte  Spanish,English163247
Ps. Fernando ricardo Araos Training AnalystSpanish142622
Sr. Jaime Araya  English,Spanish150440
Dra. Isolda Armijo  Spanish100300
Prof. Omar Arrué Training AnalystSpanish100320
Ps. Francisco Javier Arteaga Manieu  Spanish156727
Dra. Carmen Ayuy Training AnalystSpanish100383
Ps. Margarita Baldrich  English,French,Spanish142575
Ps. Maria Luisa Barros  Spanish161397
Dr. Andrés Belmar  Spanish143512
Dra. Hannah Bitran  English,French,Spanish140167
Dra. Marie France Brunet  Spanish140819
Dra. Mónica BruzzoneChild Analyst Spanish101156
Dra. Constanza Buguñá  Spanish156730
Javier Camus Hormazabal  English,Spanish161398
Ps. Eleonora Casaula  Spanish101385
Dra. Elena CastroChild Analyst Spanish101413
Psic. Viviana Castro  Spanish145539
Ps. Jaime Coloma Training AnalystSpanish101628
Ps. Francesca Colzani  Spanish101634