Society Contact Information

Czech Psychoanalytical Society

Pobrezni 22
Prague 18600 8
Czech Republic
Email: [email protected]

The Czech Psychoanalytical Society is a full member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA), and is based in the Rehorova disctrict of Prague.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Martin MahlerPresidentMember1/1/2023105107
Mr. Martin BabikVice-PresidentMember1/1/2023146972
Dr. Joseph DoddsTreasurerMember1/19/2023146976
Jiri JakubuChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember1/1/2023156986
Martina TelerovskáChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember1/1/2023159187
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Mr. Martin Babik Training AnalystEnglish146972
Dr. Harold P. Blum  English100863
Dr. Miroslav Borecky Training AnalystEnglish,Czech100950
Dr. Radan Brezina  English,Czech143629
Dr. Lubica Brezinová Training AnalystEnglish,Czech143564
Dr. Václav Buriánek Training AnalystEnglish,Czech139766
Dr. Kamil Cerny Training AnalystEnglish,German,Russian,Czech101449
Mr. Martin Dejdar  English,Czech146975
Dr. Joseph Dodds Training AnalystEnglish,Czech146976
Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff  English,German102208
Dr. Haydée Faimberg  English,French,Spanish102352
Dr. med. Eugenia Fischer  German,Russian,English,Czech102523
Dr. med. René Fischer  German,Czech,English,Russian,French102527
MUDr. Hynek Forman Training AnalystCzech,German,Russian146978
Dr. David Holub Training AnalystCzech,Slovak156985
Jiri Jakubu  English156986
Dr. Petr Junek Training AnalystCzech,English140487
Hana Junová  English,Czech109862
Ms. Markéta Karlová  English,Czech146982
Dr. Jirí Kocourek Training AnalystEnglish,German,Russian,Slovak,Czech104320