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Australian Psychoanalytical Society

28 Gladstone Ave
Victoria 3070

The Australian Psychoanalytical Society is a component organisation of the International Psychoanalytical Association and its official body for Psychoanalysis in Australia.

The Society is an incorporated association and functions according to its formally constituted rules, bye laws and procedures. The Society has an Executive Committee and a number of standing committees which ensure that standards of training, clinical and ethical practice meet the requirements for Component Society status within the IPA. The Society has Branches in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

There is a Scientific Committee, an Education Co-ordinating Committee, and an Ethics and Professional Standards Committee. Scientific life is also promoted by a Scholarship and Research Committee and a Publications Committee.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Timothy Shaun KeoghPresidentMember9/26/2019148966
Dr. Louise GylerVice-PresidentMember9/26/2019140837
Dr. Teresa RussoSecretaryMember9/26/2019156701
Mrs. Leonie SullivanTreasurerMember8/30/2020146029
Dr. Adele CarmadyTreasurerMember9/1/2014156695
Dr. Matthew McArdleOfficerMember12/7/2017156698
Ms. Louise HirdOfficerMember12/7/2017156702
Ms. Pamela SheinOfficerMember9/26/2019156705
Dr. Gil AnafOfficerMember10/30/2013109321
Dr. Karyn TodesChair of the Scientific CommitteeMember9/26/2019156706
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Dr. Tim Alexander  English156692
Dr. Gil Anaf Training AnalystEnglish109321
Dr. Catharine Bailey  English161223
Ms. Kathryn Bays  English156693
Ms. Rise Becker Training AnalystEnglish154432
Ms. Dimitra BekosChild Analyst English156694
Dr. Jenny Berg  English161224
Ms. Margaret Berkovic Training AnalystEnglish100709
Dr. William H. Betts  English100765
Dr. Warwick B. Blakemore Training AnalystEnglish100835
Dr. Clara Bookless  English156708
Dr. Adele Carmady  English156695
Ms. Janet Chauvel  English141687
Dr. Robin Chester Training AnalystEnglish101507
Dr. John J. Coleman  English101620
Nada Coorey  English161225
Dr. Richard S. Curnow Training AnalystEnglish101787
Dr. Robert Cameron Daniel  English109778
Dr. John Malcolm Davis Training AnalystEnglish101876
Ms. Libby Dunn Training AnalystEnglish102154