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Campinas Psychoanalytical Study Group

Phone: 55 19 3243-6166

The Center for Psychoanalysis and the Region of Campinas, one of the centers affiliated to FEBRAPSI, was created in 1978 and formally constituted in 1993 by initiative of psychoanalysts, FEBRAPSI, residents of Campinas and region.

It is a nonprofit civil society, with headquarters in the city of Campinas. Its purpose is to promote study, research, transmission of the fundamentals and practice of psychoanalysis, for the training and development of its members, as well as the provision of specific services to the community. Its members are qualified in psychoanalytic societies affiliated to the International Psychoanalytical Association and the Brazilian Association of Psychoanalysis.

For further information please visit the Center's own website shown above.

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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Sra. Joice Calza Macedo  Portuguese,Spanish150629
Ps. Maria Da Graça Câmara Barone  English,French,Portugese,Spanish143046
Ps. Vera Lúcia I. Coluss Lamanno Adamo  Portuguese,Spanish140429
Sr. Humberto da Silva Menezes  Portuguese,Spanish139873
Dr. Ataliba de Carvalho  Portuguese,Spanish150530
Ps. Ana Maria de França Carneiro  Portuguese,Spanish105394
Dra. Heloísa de Souza Camargo Pieri  Portuguese,Spanish150612
Psic. Carmem Dolores Bittar Capatto  Portuguese,Spanish141372
Ps. Alicia Beatriz Dorado de Lisondo Training AnalystEnglish,Portuguese,Spanish104896
Sra. Elenice Maria Zecchin Pereira Giannoni  Portuguese,Spanish150572
Sra. Elizabeth Gnatos Lombardi  Portuguese,Spanish150536
Sra. Leila Gnatos Lombardi  Portuguese,Spanish150635
Dr. Hang-Ly Homem De Ikegami Rochel  English,Portuguese,Spanish142190
Ps. Regina Maria Leme Lopes de Carvalho  Portuguese,Spanish101376
Dr. Ronis Magdaleno  Portuguese,Spanish146921
Ps. Ruth Mattos de Cerqueira Leite  English,Portuguese,French141779
Psic. Ana Cristina Melges Elias Banzato  Portuguese,Spanish143040
Sra. Adriana Maria Nagalli de Oliveira  Portuguese,Spanish150511
Nelson José Nazaré Rocha  English,French,Portugese,Spanish142720
Lic. Maria Roseli Pompermayer Galvani  Portuguese,Spanish147709