The important demand for psychoanalytic training in places far from the existing training institutes accredited by the IPA, led to a collaborative effort between IPA and FEPAL. Through a memorandum of understanding between both institutions, the Latin American Institute of Psychoanalysis (ILaP) was created in 2006.

ILaP was conceived with the objective of training, teaching and promoting psychoanalysis, creating the conditions for the development of conventional training institutes, accredited by the IPA in the wider region of Latin America.

It works in countries with heterogeneous socioeconomic realities, poverty and social inequality being a common denominator. In these countries there is no local culture of investment in mental health and even less of treatment at a "high frequency of analysis". 

We are currently working in: Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras (Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula) Nicaragua and El Salvador.

At the Ordinary General Assembly of FEPAL, held remotely on September 25, 2021, the president of FEPAL in his annual report, following up on what was reported to the last Council of Presidents, communicated that a  new board of the Latin American Institute of Psychoanalysis (ILAP) was formed. 

Following the guidelines set by an ad hoc evaluation commission, practically the entire board had to be renewed; so Virginia Ungar and Sergio Nick as representatives of the IPA together with Andrés Gaitán and Dalia Guzik on behalf of FEPAL, decided to appoint to the position of Director of ILAP, a person who already had experience with it, seeking to ensure the continuity of the work. 

For the selection of the other members, it was decided to wait until the new president and vice-president of the IPA, Harriet Wolfe and Adriana Prengler, respectively, took office, since they hold office at the same time as the Board of Directors of the Latin American Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Finally, on September 9, the new board of directors was formed as follows: 

General Director: Susana Balparda, Southern Region (APU - Uruguay).
Director of Seminars: Margareta Hargitay, North Region (ASOVEP - Venezuela).
Director of Admission and Training: Helena Surreaux, Central Region (SBPPA - Brazil)
Director of Research and Monitoring: Regina Elisabeth Lordello Coimbra, Centro region (SBPSP - Brazil)
Director of Outreach and Extension: Eduardo Kopelman, South region (APC - Argentina).

Based on the suggestions of the ad hoc commission, the original constitution of the Board of Directors, composed of 5 psychoanalysts, was restored: a general director and four area directors: two for training, one for outreach and one for research. The Board of Directors, during its term of office, may appoint people to collaborate in its management, such as secretary assistants to each director, advisors, etc.  

The new ILAP Board of Directors, thus formed, is building a way of functioning as a working group, having as its objective the one that gave rise to the founding of the Institute: to bring psychoanalysis to Latin American countries where there are no IPA institutes.

The ILAP's founding seminar plan has been reviewed and discussed and it is basically being proposed to return to it.  In the year 2022, from 23 seminars that are currently required to complete the curriculum, we will return to 18 seminars and from 8 meetings per seminar we will go to 16, taking advantage of the technological possibilities for online education and of new platforms that did not exist at the beginning, to deepen the contents of each seminar, following IPA's current regulations.

We began a round of meetings with all those with an interest in ILAP, with whom the board wanted to maintain and develop connections, to build a sense of an institution and belonging, despite the geographical distances. We started with the analysts in training, with whom two meetings have already been held. The new study plan has been discussed with them, their needs, difficulties, proposals, etc. have been sounded out. And a series of meetings are already scheduled with the analysts in training in each region, to learn about their particular situations. 

We had a first meeting with the analysts and supervisors of the Institute and there will be another one before the end of the year. 

Having already advanced and discussed the new curriculum, a call for teachers will be made so that they can submit their proposals to teach seminars at the Institute in 2022. Once the selection of teachers has been completed, a meeting will be held with them. We are affirming the possibility of communications in Spanish and Portuguese, in the spirit of promoting greater participation of our Brazilian colleagues in the training of ILAP analysts.

We are working to provide a prompt response to the evaluations that were pending from the previous administration. 

Together with Fepal's board of directors, we found a solution and were able to send the pending payments of trainee analysts and directors by bank transfer to a Fepal "sub-account". 

We trust we can count on all of you as collaborators in this project that we are so enthusiastic about.

Helena Surreaux, Beth Coimbra, Margareta Hargitay, Eduardo Kopelman y Susana Balparda.