Buenos Aires, 4-9 May 2019


RESEARCH TRAINING PROGRAMME 2019 We are pleased to announce the IPA Annual Research Training Programme (RTP) for 2019. The Programme is focused on the research of attending participants, who will be designated as “RTP Fellows”. Applying Fellows, whose applications are accepted, will be consulting with an International Faculty of IPA Visiting Professors in Psychoanalytic Research. The next RTP Programme will be held from Saturday morning May 4 through Thursday May 9 in Buenos Aires Argentina, hosted by the University Institute of Mental Health (IUSAM), Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association (APdeBA) and Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga, the local coordinator .

As in previous years, the aims of this successful training Programme will be to provide attendees with opportunities for constructive consultation with regards to their ongoing or planned research projects. Aims also include providing useful training in empirical and practically meaningful approaches to psychoanalytic research. Examples of areas of interest include: psychotherapy, personality and psychopathology, social neuroscience, attachment and parenting, developmental processes, neuropsychology, psychoanalytic process and outcomes, as well as historical and conceptual research. The RTP, began in London in 1995, now rotates among the three regions of the IPA, and is in its 23rd year. Faculty for the upcoming session will include: Marina Altmann, John Clarkin, Robert Emde, Rogério Lerner, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga, Clara Schejman and Mark Solms.

History of the Programme: The RTP originated as an eight-day annual IPA Programme that began in 1995, and for 17 of its first 18 years was hosted by Peter Fonagy and his staff at the Psychoanalysis Unit of University College London. In 2013- and 2014 - the Programme was hosted by Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber and her staff at the Sigmund-Freud-Institut in Frankfurt and now, responding to demand, the annual RTP moves by rotation in the three IPA regions. The Programme currently is 5 1/2 days in length, typically followed by a 2 ½ day Joseph Sandler Clinical and Research Conference, to which the RTP trainees are invited but not required to attend and poster presentations are very welcome. The Sandler Conference, that will be hosted by the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association and the University of Buenos Aires and will be held from Friday afternoon May 10 through Sunday morning May 12, brings leading clinicians and researchers together to join in discussions of research with vital applications for practice. (See separate notice of the Sandler Conference on this IPA website.)

Each RTP is designed to have from 20-25 project presentations from one or more presenter and 6 or more faculty. It is noteworthy that for the 22 IPA RTP annual sessions since 1995, we have had nearly 400 RTP attendees from 39 countries. We have also had 39 RTP psychoanalytic core faculty from 16 countries.

How the RTP works: The idea, from the beginning of the RTP, is that trainees coming to the training Programme are involved in a research project related to psychoanalysis, such that they can bring the Programme for consultation. The research can be at its beginning phases of pilot or design, can be collaborative or self-initiated and even ongoing. Consultations are tailored for individual phases of learning. Each trainee will come prepared to present a 20-minute presentation of his or her initial project ideas (preferably with PowerPoint) for consultation by all trainees and faculty, as well as some detailed discussion in smaller groups. The RTP curriculum will also include an introduction to current research methods, as well as applications of research programmes by faculty members. Discussions and critical reviews of projects are done in ways that will help with grant writing and fund raising, providing additional opportunities for continuing psychoanalytic research. RTP participants will not only benefit from networking with consultants, but also be invited to join a network known as the College of IPA Research Fellows within the IPA, thus having subsequent opportunities for active exchanges by e-mail, list servers and conferences. A Fellows Day meeting will be held on Friday morning May 10 at the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association.

Further information about the RTP: A sense of the vigor of discussions and more about the background and philosophy of the RTP can be found in an earlier publication published as a Guest Editorial in the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 1997, Volume 78, 643-651; by Emde, R. N., & Fonagy, P., entitled An emerging culture for psychoanalytic research?; it is also available on PEP-WEB.

Deadline: the deadline for applications is March 1, 2019

How: by email to Paula Barkay at

• Application (maximum of 6 pages) should include:
a) a brief CV
b) details of current research interest and proposed project and
c) a summary of the proposed project

The RTP is free, and participants will be provided with suggestions for relatively inexpensive
 accommodation options close to the site of the RTP sessions.