IPA in Psychoanalysis and Law

2023 Winner

WinnerSilvia Lepore
Society: Psychoanalytic Center of California
Project: Training and Discussion Group for Family and Juvenile Lawyers


Runner-up: Priya Tiwari
Society: Indian Psychoanalytic Institute
Project:   Some Links to an Understanding of Narcissistic Violence, Role of a ‘Listening Other’ in its Transformation and Some Links to the Idea of Justice: through work with a teenage boy in the Juvenile Justice Board 

Past Winners


Winner: Scott Turner
Society: Psychoanalytic Center of California 
Project Title:Law Enforcement, Containment and Reverie: A Psychoanalytic Endeavor 



Winner: Coralie Trotter
Society: South African Psychoanalytical Association 
Project Title: The Mark of the Life Esidimeni Decanting

Runner-up: Juan Pinetta

Society: Argentine Psychoanalytic Association 
Project Title: Comisión Enlace Legislativo