Elise M. Hayman Award for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

The Elise M. Hayman Award was initiated in 1989 by Dr Max Hayman in memory of his wife, Elise. The award is made biennially for the most cogent, relevant and commendable work on the Holocaust, and Genocide, current or historical.

2023 Winner

The Programme Committee, in the recommendation of the Hayman Award reviewing panel for 2023 presented the Elise M. Hayman Award for the study of the Holocaust and Genocide to Ilker Özyildirim, Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association and his paper To Brush History Against The Grain": An Essay on Unconscious Ownership of Guilt and Identifications.

Ilker Ozyildirim is a psychoanalyst at the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association and psychiatrist. He has been granted the IPA in the Community Awards (IPA and Humanitarian Organizations, 2019) with the "Project for the Psychoanalytical Treatment of and Support to Survivors of Social Violence with a Priority on Severe Human Rights Violations and Torture". Furthermore, he is the recipient of the 2016 and 2017 Psychoanalytic Writings Awards given by the Istanbul Psychoanalysis Association. Dr. Özyıldırım serves on the editorial board of the journal Psikanaliz Yazıları.

Ilker Ozyildirim

Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association


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