Extraordinarily Meritorious Service to the IPA Award

The Extraordinarily Meritorious Service to the IPA Award is conferred upon a deserving member for exceptionally meritorious service to the IPA

Award: The award carries no monetary value.

Nomination and Selection: Nominations for the Award may be made by any IPA member to the Prizes and Awards Nominating Committee. The Award is restricted to non IPA members.

Announcement and Presentation: The award is announced and presented, with a certificate, at the Congress.

2023 Winner

In 2023, the IPA Board, on recommendations from the Prizes and Awards Nominating Committee, is pleased to present the award to:

Harvey Schwartz, American Psychoanalytic Association

Harvey Schwartz MD is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Association of New York and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.
He is the Chair of the IPA in Health Committee and the Editor of the IPA in the Community Book Series. His most recent edited books are The Jewish Thought and Psychoanalysis Lectures and Applying Psychoanalysis in Medical Care. He is the host of the IPA podcast Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch. 

Harvey Schwartz

American Psychoanalytical Association


Past Winners


Ricardo Bernardi, Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association
Jonathan Shedler, American Psychoanalytic Association



Irmgard Dettbarn, German Psychoanalytical Association



Aira Laine, Finnish Psychoanalytical Society



Marvin Margolis, American Psychoanalytic Association
Javier García Castiñeiras, Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association



Bernardo Bertolucci, (a non-member from Italy)



The late David Iseman, Canadian Psychoanalytic Society