Sacerdoti Prize - no paper for 2023

This prize was presented for the first time in 1987 by Cesare Sacerdoti, previously of Karnac Books and it is awarded for the best individual paper submitted by a relatively young author who is presenting a paper at the IPA International Congress for the first time.

2021 Winner

In 2021 the IPA Programme Committee presented the Sacerdoti Prize to Gloriani Landeros, a candidate of the Institute of the Mexican Assn for Psychoanalytic Practice, Training & Research for her paper FIlicidio - Parricidio: ¿Dos lados de una misma moneda?


Gloriani Landeros

Institute of the Mexican Assn for Psychoanalytic Practice, Training & Research

Gloriani Landeros is an analyst in Psychoanalytic Training by AMPIEP, A.C. She has a private practice with children, adolescents and adults. Has participated in social support programs organised by AMPIEP and currently holds the position of General Secretary in the Latin American Candidates Organization.

Past Winners


Stephanie Koziej (a non-member from United States)

The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading and critique of Freud and Kristeva’s Work on Sexuality


Paula Zalaquett, Direct member from Latin America

Una Reflexión acerca de la Defensa Adictiva


Dana Amir, Israel Psychoanalytic Society



Galina Hristeva, ( a non-member from Germany)



Analia Ward, Argentine Psychoanalytic Association



Vaia Tsolas, American Psychoanalytic Association



Viviane Sprinz Mondrzak, Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society
Alice Becker Lewkowicz, Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society



Madeleine de Baranger, Argentine Psychoanalytic Association
Joyce McDougall, Contemporary Freudian Society
Roy Schafer, American Psychoanalytic Association