1. To visit the Study Group at least twice a year.
  2. During the first visit to the Study Group, to thoroughly explain the sponsoring process and procedures within the IPA administrative structure.
  3. To establish and conduct a training programme when it is appropriate to do so.
  4. To review any training already received by the Study Group members and determine future training requirements to meet IPA criteria.
  5. To select and appoint Training Analysts.
  6. To select, monitor, progress and graduate candidates from the training programme when it is established.
  7. To recommend to the Board such Study Group members as it considers appropriately qualified as IPA Direct Members.
  8. To review and approve applications of IPA Members who want to join the Study Group.
  9. To approve the list of Study Group IPA Members which will be published in the IPA Roster.
  10. To give such advice and assistance as the Study Group may require.
  11. To facilitate generally the development of a group so that it will be able to carry out the above and other functions autonomously.
  12. To ensure the IPA Members of the Study Group remain members of their Constituent Organisations (and pay their IPA dues through those Constituent Organisations) or continue as Direct Members (and pay their dues directly to the IPA) until such time as the Study Group attains Provisional Society status.
  13. To recommend the Study Group for Provisional Society status at the appropriate time.
  14. To ensure that the Constitution and Bylaws of the group are adequate and include the authority to enable the Group to expel a group member should the need arise (this is expulsion from the group only and not as an IPA Member).
  15. In the early stages of the Group's development the Sponsoring Committee should assist the new group to decide which model it will adopt. The decision should be reached as soon as possible, but must take into account the history and the characteristics of the group.

Originally approved by the Executive Council in New York, December 1999.

Last modified by the Board January 2011

Removal of the term "Broomhills", March 2017

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