IPA Office Move to The Lexicon

The Lexicon building

The Lexicon building is in central London, near St Pancras and Kings Cross, and therefore easily accessible to visitors arriving via London’s airports or Eurostar trains. It is close to the city’s technological heart, Silicon Roundabout – a rapidly developing part of the city, where property values are rising; hence our decision to invest part of our reserves in real estate rather than today’s more unpredictable stock markets. It is also situated on a canal basin, making it a peaceful, reflective place to be. We hope that these offices will be a tranquil, inviting place to visit, with excellent facilities for our members from all over the world to use and enjoy, as well as being a much-improved working environment for IPA staff.

"It's our mission..."

We formally opened our new offices at our ExCom meeting at the end of October. Our attending officers were the first members to visit the new space, and they were delighted by how functional and welcoming it is.

"Our new offices..."

"Our new central London home, The Lexicon, is a welcoming, well conceived space, in a wonderful setting. Large glass windows create the sense that we reach out easily to the outside world and the design gives concrete expression to our desire to be a flourishing global psychoanalytic community. A comfortable members’ room and modern working offices for the staff create possibilities for effective team working and reflection."


"It's our mission..."

"It is our mission to increase members' ability to engage with and feel at home within the IPA. Our beautiful new offices at The Lexicon, central London, offer much greater opportunities for members to meet each other and our staff. The space is designed to foster great working relationships and provide a calm relaxation point during a busy schedule. Views across the water and a floating flower bed offer the perfect backdrop to deep conversation and reflective decision-making."


"Members visiting the Lexicon..."

"Members visiting the Lexicon will appreciate its location. It is central, easily accessible from the international transportation hubs at St Pancras and Kings Cross, yet also tranquil. In providing a productive and welcoming setting for our ExCom meeting, it gives us access to a greater range of staff support, in a flexible space that has been imaginatively designed to combine comfortable membership facilities with modern working conditions for staff. The light and airy rooms are elegant and classic and justify our decision to use our reserves to increase the value of the IPA's real estate investments. I am pleased that we have created such tangible value for members without diverting resources from other projects or activities."

ANDREW BROOK (Treasurer)

Our new address...

The Lexicon, Unit B, Book House, 261a City Road, London EC1V 1AH

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