IPA Webinars 2022

On the 4th IPA Asia-Pacific Conference

Recognising diversity and differences on a personal and cultural level are the values that give meaning to the 4th IPA Asia-Pacific Conference. Recent traumatic experiences have reshaped our social interaction and psychic phenomena. In this webinar, two colleagues -who will participate in the Conference- will discuss psychoanalysis in this current scenario.


Minnie K. Dastur (India)
Training & Supervisory Psychoanalyst (adult & child), Indian Psychoanalytical Society
Member of the IPA China Committee. Member of the Asia-Pacific Psychoanalytic Conference Programme Committee. Member of the IPA - COFAP (Committee for Couple & Family Psychoanalytic Therapy). Chair & Organizer for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events for the Mumbai Chapter of the Indian Psychoanalytical Society.

Title: Unitary or Unity; Divisiveness or Diversity
Unity and Diversity complement each other and are progressive and growth-promoting. On the other hand, to be Unitary or Divisive is a process of isolation and fragmentation.  This holds at external and internal levels of object relations.  This process grows from the nucleus of the earliest primary relationship and can shape subsequent personal experiences.

Hsueh-Mei Fan (Taiwan Study Group)
She is a professional doctor in child psychotherapy (Tavistock and UEL) and a member of the Taiwan Study Group. She is a child and adolescent Psychotherapist (trained at the Tavistock), a child analyst (IPA), and an adult Psychoanalyst trained with the British Psychoanalytic Society. She is also a translator who has translated a dozen psychoanalytic books into Mandarin Chinese. She is now in full-time private practice in Taipei working with children, parents and adults.  

Title: The couch of paranoia: some psychic and cultural difficulties observed in a Taiwanese consulting room
In her speech, Dr Fan will address some specific phenomena she observed in her patients, i.e., shame and humiliation, in the context of a child-rearing practice that emphasises little separateness and separation and some other cultural elements that reinforce these emotional difficulties.     

Moderator: Jhelum Podder (India)
Ph.D. in Psychology; MIPS, MIPA. Psychoanalyst (adult), Indian Psychoanalytical Society, Kolkata, India. Member of the IPA Scientific Communications Sub-Committee.
Assistant Secretary, Indian Psychoanalytical Society, Kolkata, India. Assistant Editor of Samiksha, Journal of the Indian Psychoanalytical Society, Kolkata, India. Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Loreto College, Kolkata, India.