Black Psychoanalysts Speak III

Black Psychoanalysts Speak III
Beyond Borders and Boundaries

Saturday, November 17, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
The New School for Social Research
66 West 12thStreet, NY, NY 10011

Dionne Powell, M.D.  

“Breaking walls and building bridges: bringing race into the therapeutic conversation”
Case Presenters:
Cleonie White, PhD.; Michael Moskowitz, Ph.D. 


Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D., Kirkland Vaughans, Ph.D.
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This is a clinical conference designed for therapists who work consciously or, as importantly, unconsciously with race in the therapeutic dyad. Issues of race occur most obviously when therapist and patient are of different races; more subtly, but no less significantly, when therapist and patient are of the same race. This conference is designed to crystallize these issues so that their implications might be consciously considered. 

Demonstrations using case conference methodologies, discussion and self-reflection will be the core of this conference experience. Coupled with a didactic presentation, these approaches will be used to highlight, stimulate and explore personal and interpersonal dynamics as they exist in the treatment room. Conference participants will have the opportunity in small groups and in larger settings to share insights, raise questions, and to offer experiences relevant to racial enactment in their own work with patients.

Black Psychoanalysts Speak and its Goals: For all of its potential to do good, psychoanalysis has tended to focus on problems which can be narrowly viewed as stemming from intrapsychic and familial problems, and it has failed to include social and historical forces and inequities into its theory and practice.   As such, it is much maligned, and often thought to be irrelevant, among non-white populations.  If psychoanalysis is to remain relevant, it must reevaluate its avoidance of race, class, culture and difference. The purpose of Black Psychoanalysts Speak, or BPS, is to bring these variables into systematic consideration. 

BPS COMMITTEE: Janice Bennett, Ph.D.; Anton Hart, Ph.D.; Dorothy Holmes, Ph.D. (Emeritus); Annie Lee Jones, Ph.D.; Kimberlyn Leary, Ph.D.; Dolores Morris, Ph.D.; Michael Moskowitz, Ph.D.; Craig Polite, Ph.D.; Dionne Powell, M.D.; Richard Reichbart, Ph.D.; Beverly Stoute, M.D.; Cheryl Thompson, Ph.D.; Kirkland Vaughans, Ph.D.; Cleonie White Ph.D.; Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.; Alexandra Woods, Ph.D.; Samuel Wyche, D.O.
**Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided.
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