3° Intl Dialogue of the Psychoanalytic Centre of Bologna

3° Intl Dialogue of the Psychoanalytic Centre of Bologna
The construction of the sense of the Self in the psychoanalytic process

The Self is a complex and flexible reality, setting up our experience of subjects. It has taken a central place in the clinic and in the psychoanalytic theory in the second half of the 1900s.   

The concept has still not clearly definite boundaries and it has been understood and utilized in various ways by different authors, who have investigated specific inflections and manifestations, sometimes very far one from the other, within one’s own perspective: for instance we can think of the Winnicott’s observations on the True and False Self, of Kohut’s conception, that gave raise to the Self Psychology, of Stern’s developmental perspective, of the most recent neuro-psychoanalytic research concerning the identification of the nuclear basis of the psychosomatic matrix. Anyway, even within different conceptions, on the clinical dimension the area of the Self is linked to a more definite relational approach, and it is a point of reference that cannot be given up when we investigate the early origins as well as the present manifestations of widespread kinds of psychic and relational troubles; when we analyse and afford specific transferential reactions in the clinical work; when we experience and modulate particular counter-transferential reactions in treating the therapeutic relationship. 

More and more frequently the psychoanalyst and, more in general the psychotherapist who works psychoanalytically, is compelled to face the difficult task to help his/her patient to integrate and reinforce a fragile and poor sense of Self, or, even to start up basic processes: this requires a special and refined ability to catch the revealing marks, even when they are masked by defensive misleading organizations and a capacity to modulate one’s own intervention and the emotional intimacy that allows to achieve this hard goal.

The 3°Dialogue of the Psychoanalytic Centre of Bologna is devoted to the construction of the sense of the Self in the psychoanalytic process, in continuity with the subject chosen for the two previous dialogues: the first one on the psychoanalytic relationship and the second on the processes of interpsychic, transpsychic and intrapsychic in the psychonalytic work. We have chosen a clinic target and we especially address the psychotherapists analytically oriented in their work.  


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2/9/2019 - 2/10/2019
Convento San Domenico Piazza S. Domenico, 13 Bologna ITALY