Asia-Pacific Conference 2023 - Call for Proposals

Asia-Pacific Conference 2023 - Call for Proposals

IPA 4th Asia Pacific Conference
Containing Diversity; Bridging Difference
4th - 6th January 2023
New Delhi, India

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With heartfelt hope, we are planning to hold the IPA Asia-Pacific Conference in New Delhi (India) in January 2023 in person. At the current time, many borders are closed and there are travel restrictions in the Asia - Pacific Region, but we encourage you to submit your proposals as if travel will be possible. The possibility of holding an in-person meeting will be re-assessed in 2022; if it is not possible, the Conference will be held online but there is still time and we are very hopeful to meet in Delhi in person .

We hope that the conference will offer an opportunity to bridge the chasm between what was and what is and to find diverse and creative ways to digest our changed and evolving world.
The conference is designed to explore notions of diversity and difference, and their counterparts - uniformity and sameness - through their resonances with psychoanalytic practice and theory in the clinic and in the community.
Proposals will be reviewed by two independent peer reviewers according to the following criteria: psychoanalytical quality of argument, relevance to the conference theme and the amount of interest our audience will have in the argument.
The Programme Committee will make the final decision of acceptance or non-acceptance by Monday 5th July 2022 based on the organisation of the programme and the number of available time slots. Any questions you may have please contact our conference team [email protected]

Keynote Speakers:

Tao LIN (China)
Naoki FUJIYAMA (Japan)
Jaehak YU (S. Korea)
Tsung-Wei HSU (Taiwan)
Timothy KEOGH (Australia)

IPA Asia-Pacific Conference Programme Committee, 2023
Louise Gyler, Chair
Minnie Dastur, Mumbai
Jianyin Qiu, Shangai
In-Soo Lee, Seoul
Hsueh-Mei Fan, Taipei
Naoki Fujiyama, Tokyo
Tomas Plänkers, IPA APPC Member
Gagandeep Kaur Makkar, IPSO representative
Adriana Prengler, Ex-Officio, IPA VicePresident
Karina Gutierrez, IPA Events Manager


1/4/2023 - 1/6/2023
New Delhi INDIA