IPA Asia-Pacific Conference Sydney

IPA Asia-Pacific Conference Sydney

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Conference Theme

These are times of great turmoil across the globe as a consequence of natural as well as man-made catastrophes that have resulted in ongoing suffering, with weariness and a desire for better times. It therefore seems apt to have “Suffering and DesireAcrossCultures” as the theme for the 4th IPA Asia-Pacific Conference, which comes to Sydney, Australia in 2024.

Australia, for tens of thousands of years, was inhabited solely by indigenous people until it was colonised in the 18th century. Since then, it has been home to successive waves of immigrants from all around the world, many fleeing great turmoil,andtrying to fulfill the desire for a new life.

We will come together on this land to explore this theme of suffering and desire. 

Through the lens of psychoanalysis we will explore, in an attempt to understand, the history and contemporary suffering of people the world over, who desire freedom and change. How does the desire to survive and thrive exist in the face of suffering? How are social catastrophes and natural disasters borne and worked through? These are some of the issues we will grapple with during this conference .

The IPA looks forward to welcoming you to Sydney, to foster understanding of suffering and desire across cultures. 

All conference information, including programme, speakers, accommodation, visas and venue details can be found on the  Asia-Pacific Sydney Conference website: www.ipa.world/sydney

5/2/2024 - 5/4/2024