APsA: Antisemitism and Racism Symposium

APsA: Antisemitism and Racism Symposium

American Psychoanalytic Association 
April 7, 2024 – 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET
Registration is open.

APsA will host the Antisemitism and Racism Symposium, the third in our ongoing series. Join us Sunday, April 7 for this important 2-hour virtual event.

Both antisemitism and racism give expression to profound and intertwined psychic and historical determinants. Michelle Stephens, L.P., Ph.D. and Stephen Frosh, Ph.D., M.Phil., BA are internationally renowned for their work on the persistence of these structured and deadly forms of hatred. Their ground-breaking dialogue will aim to illuminate some of the affinities and tensions that link antisemitism and racism. Each brings a deep understanding of psychoanalytic thought to their shared project — understanding and combating the paired scourge of racism and antisemitism. 

Psychoanalysts and psychotherapists are now showing considerable interest in, and concern over, the relevance of different forms of racism to psychological suffering and to psychoanalysis itself. This 2-hour virtual session includes a constructive exploration of both the relationship of antisemitism to the theories and practices of the field, and how they connect, historically and interpersonally, with white supremacy and antiblack racism specifically, and issues raised by different forms of racism in relation to psychoanalysis. This session will allow for meaningful engagement in critical discussions on the intersectionality of antisemitism and racism, and learners’ ability to navigate complex issues in clinical settings.

Registration and further details available on the APSA website: https://apsa.org/ar-landing-page/