How do I join the IPA?

Membership of the IPA is normally open only to psychoanalysts who trained at one of the IPA’s Constituent Organizations. Completing training successfully at such an organization normally gives you automatic membership of the IPA. If you are considering applying to become an IPA psychoanalyst, please contact your local IPA Constituent Organization.

Annual membership fee rates may be obtained from the Constituent Organization.

If no Constituent Organization exists in your country, you can contact the IPA directly (email the IPA) to see whether an application to become a Direct Member is possible. Criteria for Direct Membership are similar to those for membership through a Constituent Organization.

What are the benefits of membership?

The IPA currently offers the following direct services to its Members:
  • a certificate of membership of the Association
  • access to an online member Roster
  • purchase of IPA-published books at a reduced rate
  • access to the website and its services, including to the password-protected, member-only areas
  • access to the biennial IPA Congress at reduced rates
It also provides direct support and advice to Members as requested on all professional and governance issues.

How do I set up a psychoanalytic Society in my country if there is not one already?

The IPA supports the formation and development of, and sound basic criteria for, psychoanalytic organisations. The usual process for becoming an IPA psychoanalytic society is first to apply to become an IPA Study Group. Scrutiny of groups seeking to become IPA Study Groups is the responsibility of the IPA’s International New Groups Committee. The Committee will carefully assess the applicants’ capacity to work as a scientific society and to deliver high-quality training programmes. To enquire further about
applying for Study Group status please email the IPA.

How do I resign from the IPA?

As membership of the IPA is normally linked with membership of your Constituent Organization,
you will need to resign from your Organization to resign from the IPA.