Asia-Pacific Planning Committee (APPC)


In conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Conference held in Taipei on 4-6 May 2017, the IPA officers held exploratory working meetings with the Presidents of the Component Societies (India, Japan, Australia), Study Groups (Korea, Taiwan), and Allied Centres (Taiwan, China, Korea) in the Asia-Pacific region.

It was agreed to constitute an Asia-Pacific Planning Committee (APPC) - composed initially of the Presidents of the 5 IPA groups in the region, plus one IPA member from China - that would discuss possible changes to the IPA's governance structure to enhance the representation of IPA members in the region, and which would begin to explore means to foster psychoanalysis and the growth of the IPA in Asia-Pacific.

It was also agreed that the Programme Committee for any future conferences in Asia-Pacific should remain distinct from the APPC.


The APPC is specifically responsible for:

  1. Reviewing the IPA's current governance structure and making recommendations to the IPA Board regarding potential changes that would enhance the representation of IPA members in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. Exploring means to collaborate intra-regionally and to foster connections between IPA analysts in Asia-Pacific.
  3. Developing joint initiatives to foster the growth of psychoanalysis and the IPA in Asia-Pacific.

Ways of working and reporting

The APPC will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. The Committee, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes. It will have access to the web and email support services offered by the IPA.

Any face-to-face meetings should take place, so far as possible, adjacent to IPA or regional congresses. The Committee will provide a written report to the Board at least annually.

Composition of the committee

The Committee will be composed of:

  • the Presidents (or deputies) of the three IPA Component Societies in the region (India, Japan, Australia) [ex-officio];
  • the Presidents (or deputies) of the two IPA Study Groups in the region (Korea, Taiwan) [ex-officio];
  • the China Representative (an IPA member in China) selected by the IPA Direct Members in China [ex officio];
  • the IPA President, Vice President, and Treasurer [ex-officio];
  • three additional members (one from each of the EU, LA, and NA regions), to be appointed in the usual way, by the President of the IPA and with the consent of the Board of Representatives;
  • the IPA Executive Director [ex-officio], who will be available to advise on governance questions;

The Committee may request the appointment of Consultants to advise on specific issues as needed (Consultants will not be funded to attend in-person meetings).


The Committee will propose a budget during the annual IPA budget cycle.

Approved by the Board July 2017

Full NamePosition
Dra. Clara Rosa Nemas de UrmanMember
Dr. Jack NovickMember
Mrs. Maria Teresa Savio HookeMember
Dr. Andrew BrookEx-Officio
Mr. Paul CrakeEx-Officio
Dr. Tak Yoo HongEx-Officio
Dr. Osamu KitayamaEx-Officio
Ms. Julie Elaine MeadowsEx-Officio
Prof. Dr. Pushpa MisraEx-Officio
Dr. Sergio Eduardo NickEx-Officio
Ms. Teresa Mei-Jang PaiEx-Officio
Prof. Jun TongEx-Officio
Dra. Virginia R. UngarEx-Officio