Research Committee

The Research Committee shall be composed of a Chair, who is an internationally recognized currently active researcher, and three Vice-Chairs (one from each Region) (who shall each be vice-chairs of the three specialist sub-committees). All shall be currently active, internationally recognized researchers in the fields of psychoanalytic research represented by the sub-committees. The Chairs of any Research Sub-Committees may join as non-voting members. There shall initially be three sub-committees in these areas:

  • Clinical Methodology
  • General Methodology
  • Theory

These sub-committees shall each take responsibility for detailed work in their respective areas. Each sub-committee of the Research Committee will usually comprise six Members (two from each Region), one of whom should be the Chair, along with the Vice-Chair assigned to them from the main Research Committee.


The Research Committee shall:

  1. recommend research policies, priorities and budgets as well as report its activities and the activities of its sub-committees to the Board of Representatives annually;
  2. recommend to the President names of people who might be appointed to the Research Committee and its sub-committees;
  3. approve mandates, budgets and programmes and assume responsibility for and oversight of its sub committees to ensure equitable financing, to avoid duplication and to achieve co operation whenever possible and practical;
  4. search for additional funding and other strategies to advance psychoanalytic research consistent with the best research standards in the interest of psychoanalysis as a science and a clinical practice;
  5. work with other IPA bodies and organs including the website, the newsletter, journals, congress programmes etc, to disseminate research finding to IPA members and the public.

The Research Committee shall take responsibility for any unspent funding allocated for 2013 to its predecessor institutions.

Full NamePosition
Prof. Mark SolmsChair
Dr. Ricardo Eugenio BernardiCo-Chair
Dr. Robert M. Galatzer-LevyCo-Chair
Prof. Dr. phil. Marianne Leuzinger-BohleberCo-Chair