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Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Frame Revisited. A New Look at José Bleger’s Classic Work
Edited by Carlos Moguillansky & Howard B. Levine

Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Frame Revisited provides an in-depth discussion of José Bleger’s work, broadening current knowledge and focusing on his significant contribution to psychoanalytic thinking. This work should prove especially relevant in considering the implications of changes in the treatment setting forced by the Covid pandemic. This edited collection proposes a current debate on José Bleger's ideas on the psychoanalytic setting. The contributors here provide a broad overview of current discussions about the analytic setting, its clinical expressions and its technical management, engaging and transforming the concept of "encuadre" (frame). The book covers topics including early experiences, the psychoanalytic setting, symbiosis and applications in a pandemic. A common thread, Bleger's brilliant intuition, runs through the book, and the tense relationship between the frame and the figure maintains its dynamics throughout. Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Frame Revisited will be of great interest to psychoanalysts in practice and in training, as well as anyone seeking to understand the work of José Bleger.

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Leopoldo Bleger - read presentation

Left Argentina in 1976 where he trained as a doctor and psychiatrist. Since then he lives in Paris where he works in private practice. He is a full member (training analyst) of the French Psychoanalytic Association (Association Psychanalytique de France). He has published several works on Melanie Klein, on psychoanalysis in the Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay) and on problems of methodology in psychoanalysis. He has recently published works on framing and the question of the 'material' of the session, as well as on the 'training' of analysts. Co-editor (with John Churcher) of the English edition of José Bleger's Symbiosis and Ambiguity.

John Churcher - read presentation

Member of the British Psychoanalytical Society, lives in Manchester, England. He retired from clinical practice in 2013. A former book review editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, he was a founding member (2017-2019) and then chair (2019-2021) of the IPA's Confidentiality Committee. He has a particular interest in the nature of the psychoanalytic setting, and was co-translator (with Leopoldo Bleger and Susan Rogers) and co-editor (with Leopoldo Bleger) of the English edition of José Bleger's Symbiosis and Ambiguity

Carlos Moguillansky -
read presentation

Former Scientific Secretary and President of APDEBA (Psychoanalytic Association of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Full Member of APDEBA, FEPAL and IPA, with didactic function (Training and supervising Function). Member of the Board of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis 2001- 2008. Member of the Publications Committee of the IPA.  Author of the books Decir lo imposible, Clínica de adolescentes, Las latencias, El dolor y sus defensas and contributed in chapters of the book Contribuciones de Carlos Moguillansky, edited by N. Bleichmar in Mexico and in Perversiones y adicciones edited by R. Moguillansky in Buenos Aires, Ed. Lumen. He has published numerous scientific papers (Google Scholar can be consulted). Editor of the book on José Bleger to be published soon, with the collaboration of Howard Levine.  

Gabriela Legoretta - read presentation

Training and Supervising analyst at the Montreal Psychoanalytic Institute and Society (French section of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society).Treasurer of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society. Ex-Chair and current Consultant of the IPA Publications Committee.Consultant at the Montreal Fertility Center. Coordinator of the Spanish book section of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Book reviews of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. In private practice.

Alberto Pieczanski 
Psychoanalyst: Adults, Children and Adolescents. Training and Teaching Analyst, Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis. Memberships: International Psychoanalytic Association, British Psychoanalytical Society, Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis. Current Positions: Faculty:Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis. Analytic private practice with  Adults, Adolescents and Children. Leader of study groups on Kleinian and post Kleinian theory and technique. Author of numerous scientific papers and chapters.

Silvia Flechner
Chair, IPA Publications Committee - read introduction
Full Member of the IPA, past president and scientific Director of the Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Society, Past Co-chair for Latin America of International New Groups ING of the IPA, Chair of Publications Committee of the IPA. 

Natacha Delgado
Member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA). She holds a degree in Psychology and Translation.   Since the beginning of her training she has had an active participation in different committees at  APA such as the Permanent Training Commission, the Archive and Library Committee and she is currently working with the History Department. She was one of the editors of the online APA magazine La Epoca.  She works in private practice in clinical psychoanalysis and also dictates annual courses on Literature and Psychoanalysis. Since last year she has been a member of the IPA Publications Committee.