Recommendations for Psychoanalysts Regarding the Use of Videoconferencing in their Practice

The International Psychoanalytical Association is working to support members so we can treat our patients and ourselves safely and effectively during the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic. Not only is there increased anxiety at this extraordinary time, but many sources are encouraging people to stay at home. For mental health practitioners, this may mean, in some cases, treating patients remotely.  

 The IPA offers a downloadable booklet following technical assistance to help psychoanalysts consider how they might approach  remote sessions from a technological  perspective. Download PDF
 17 March 2020

 Confidentiality and Remote Psychoanalytic Work The Confidentiality Committee of the IPA has prepared this brief advice for IPA members who may be concerned about confidentiality while undertaking psychoanalytic work remotely. It revises and updates an earlier version that was published in April 2020. 
18 May 2021


Psychoanalytic work within remote sessions imposed by the confinement An exchange of testimonies by IPA colleagues working remotely Text prepared by Bernard Chervet. Available in : English   | French  
9 April 2020


 Tele-Counselling initiative by the Indian Psychoanalytic Society
3 April 2020
Read report | Read brochure   

 Useful reading resources compiled by Ellarose Chary of the Psychoanalytic Association of New York.
19 March 2020

Tele-Therapy Reading List  

Remote Session Guidelines for Periods of Restricted Travel
 Todd Essig, Ph.D. and Gillian Isaacs Russell, Ph.D.  
19 March 2020

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