ipa asia-pacific conference 2024
The call for proposals for the IPA Asia-Pacific Conference ends this week! All proposals for individual papers, clinical cases, and panels must be received by Friday 29th September 2023 
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ipa mission
IPA in the World: an overview of our vision and what we are working towards.
ipa webinar
Friday 29 September
Three expert analysts will discuss their own experience, projecting interesting reflections on teleanalysis. 
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ipa book event
Sábado 30 Septiembre 
Presentación de libro: La poesía de la palabra en psicoanálisis. Selección de textos de Pere Folch Mateu  This event is in Spanish.
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COCAP webinar
Sunday 1 October 2023: 
Author interviews of Braving the Erotic Field in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Children and Adolescents
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Congress reflection
IPA Vice-President Adriana Prengler reflects on the recent IPA Congress in Cartagena, Colombia.
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Narcissism and destructivity
Neurobiological aspects of narcissism
Clinical aspects of narcissism
September 29 -  October 1, 2023
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The Preschool Child in Today's World
Moderator: Virginia Ungar
21 October 2023 
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27th IPSO European Meeting 
Bodies in Psychoanalysis
13-15 October 2023 
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Committee of the Month: Couple and Family Psychoanalysis
Send us your book proposal! Your book will become part of an outstanding list that includes books by some of the greatest contemporary minds.
War in Ukraine: IPA Responds
September Little Cultural Gift Federico Fellini: 8 & 1⁄2 BEST OPENING SCENE IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA
IPA Blog: Trauma Transmission Resides Across Multiple Generations by Jill Salberg
New entries!
Updated/finalised Transformation(s)in English and German
Finalised version in English
Finalised version in German

Expanded and Updated 2nd Edition: Containment: Container-Contained  

Off the Couch Podcast The Presence of Religion within the Psychoanalytic Dyad with Nathan Szajnberg, MD