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Terrorised: How to Work Facing Terror
Warsaw, Poland

Annual General  Meeting Annual Phil Richardson Memorial Lecture
Tavistock Adult Depression Study (TADS)
London, UK

Eleventh International Evolving British Object Relations Conference
Seattle, USA
Deadline Call for Papers: 

COWAP Weekend Conference: "The Courage to Fight Violence Against Women"
Washington, USA

Joseph Sandler Conference 2016
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Information to follow shortly.

    20 FEB 2016
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  26 FEB 2016
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  1 MAR 2016
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  4-5 MAR 2016
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  30 JUN - 3 JUL 2016
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Siblings in Psychoanalysis
London, UK

A House Divided Against Itself? Identities and Cultures in Violent Conflict 
Kliczków Castle, Poland


Berlin, Germany
Bion's Legacy: Twenty-First Century Transformations
London, UK

     5 MAR 2016
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   6-11 APR 2016
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   18-20 MAR 2016
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  2 JUL 2016
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IPA Translations
Key areas on our website have been translated into over 30 languages by IPA members.
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We focus on the work of the Psychoanalysis and Mental Health Committee.

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Mexican Association for Psychoanalytic, Practice, Training and Research.
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