IPA-CAPSA Inter-Regional Visiting Scholars Grants


The IPA’s Committee on Practice and Scientific Activities (CAPSA) sponsors the IPA-CAPSA Inter-regional Visiting Scholar’s Fund.  Grants under this programme are intended to promote dialogue across IPA regions, encourage debate on different psychoanalytic perspectives and enhance understanding of clinical process and theory.  The grants provide the opportunity to hear how analysts’ function in clinical practice with the range of theories and perspectives encompassed within the IPA.  CAPSA events can promote thoughtful development beyond that which is understood and taught in one’s own society.

A CAPSA grant allows a society (or other qualified organization*) to invite analysts from another IPA region to be a visiting IPA-CAPSA Visiting Psychoanalytic Scholar. The host society plans activities for the visiting scholar to include some combination of lectures, case discussions, supervisions, and meetings with training boards and candidates, and presentations of his/her own practice.  The focus of the Visiting Scholar’s presentations is meant to be on clinical practice and clinical theory. 

CAPSA funds are preferentially awarded to proposed programmes that contain innovative, original and interesting ideas, feature speakers who have recognized contributions to make, and whose views are likely to be different from the audiences they will address and are likely to lead to a widening and deepening of understanding so as to enable IPA members to apply new approaches in their clinical settings.

The procedures to be followed for the submission and assessment of applications to for the grants are outlined in the Resource Document (see link below). Applications must be in English.

CAPSA grants cover travel, including ground travel, or online event expenses up to a determined limit. Applicants can also request funds for auxiliary expenses such as publicity and translation.  Language should not be a barrier. The host organization is responsible for hotel and meals.   CAPSA does not fund fees or honoraria; presenting under this programme is considered a service to colleagues. However, a host society may offer an honorarium with its own funds.

Grants are made at the discretion of the CAPSA committee under guidelines established by the Board of Representatives.  All efforts are made to distribute funds fairly across regions and large and small societies.  Preference will be given to groups that have not previously received CAPSA grants.

The CAPSA chair is available for consultation to any group that would like to have a Visiting IPA-CAPSA Scholar but may be less acquainted with colleagues in other regions and therefore unsure about making an invitation.  Please contact Dr. Laura Etchegoyen  for a consultation at [email protected]

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* In addition to individual societies, other groups that can apply for a CAPSA grant include: a group of Societies from the same region, a regional body, an IPA Committees such as COCAP, IPA study groups and provisional societies and IPSO.

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