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Latest Episode 

Inanimate Objects in the Frame - Jacqueline Godfrind

What roles do the inanimate objects in the psychoanalyst’s office play in the treatment? Paintings on the walls, bookcases, armchairs, carpets, sculptures, and of course, the couch are simultaneously objects of external reality which are part of the frame, and they may also become part of the internal reality of the patient. Can these objects have an important effect on the progress and process of analytic treatment? It is these questions that Jacqueline Godfrind will address in this podcast episode. Starting from theories of objects as autistic, transitional, resemblances and fetishized, put forth by Tustin, Winnicott, Searles and Kestemberg, she will broaden the reflection based on her own clinical observations of her analysands during a period when she redecorated her office. These objects, she illustrates, can become transferential objects, rich with important meanings and may support sensory or archaic investments, and this is even more the case in certain patients with fragile structures.

Jacqueline Godfrind is a full member and training analyst of the Belgian Society of Psychoanalysis of which she was scientific secretary, president and president of the teaching commission. She has long participated in training in child psychotherapy where she was a lecturer at the Free University of Brussels. She has further led multiple supervisions in various fields. In addition, she has a background as a child analyst and a long practice as an adult psychoanalyst. Her writings and publications are many including: The two currents of transference and Psychoanalysis beyond speech - the body which contain her reflections on the treatment clinic, and How femininity comes to women which addresses her interest in the feminine. She has participated in the production of several collective works, notably on topics as wide ranging as acting out in the treatment, and also in the work titled What is operative in the treatment, which won the Oedipus prize.

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22nd May 2024

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