Asia-Pacific Conference Advisory Committee

The Asia-Pacific Conference Advisory Committee is composed of eminent colleagues who have contributed, and are contributing, to the development of psychoanalysis in the Asia-Pacific region, and with other members that the Asia-Pacific Conference Programme Committee may wish to consult with and inform.

The membership of the Advisory Committee is proposed by the President after consultations with the ING Chair. All appointments to the Committee will be made in the typical manner (ie. by the President in consultation with (and subject to approval by) the Board).

The Advisory Committee is specifically responsible for acting as a consultant to the Programme Committee and advising as needed on the organization of the scientific programme for the IPA's Asia-Pacific Conference that will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 4-6 May 2017.


The Committee's term will normally run for the year preceding the IPA's Asia-Pacific Conference.

Approved by the Board July 2016

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Prof. Dr. Cláudio Laks EizirikMember22/08/201631/05/2017102221
Dr. Paolo FondaMember22/08/201631/05/2017102591
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Do-Un JeongMember22/08/201631/05/2017103938
Dr. Osamu KitayamaMember22/08/201631/05/2017104243
Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter J. LoewenbergMember22/08/201631/05/2017104927
Arlene Kramer RichardsMember22/08/201631/05/2017106690
Dr. phil. Sverre VarvinMember22/08/201631/05/2017108381
Dr. Jhuma (Jhimli) BasakMember22/08/201631/05/2017141262
Dr. Vivienne EltonMember22/08/201631/05/2017141409
Mrs. Karina GutierrezEx-Officio22/08/201631/05/2017145634